#14: Quantum Computing Isn’t Dead Yet | César Rodríguez, Commutator Studios

#14: Quantum Computing Isn’t Dead Yet | César Rodríguez, Commutator Studios

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Episode 14: César Rodríguez has dedicated his career to quantum computing. Why? Because they have incredible potential — but that potential has not yet been unlocked.


(00:00) - Introduction: Meeting a Quantum Computing Visionary
(02:45) - Quantum Computing 101: Harnessing the Weird World of Quantum Mechanics
(06:00) - The No-Cloning Theorem: Why Quantum Information is So Fragile
(08:50) - Schrödinger's Universe: Bridging the Quantum-Classical Divide
(12:17) - Sponsor Break: Keeping Your Data Secure in a Quantum World
(13:18) - Quantum Gates and Algorithms: Building Blocks of a Quantum Revolution
(17:36) - The Race for Quantum Supremacy: Milestone or Mirage?
(21:25) - Physical vs Logical Qubits: Quality, Quantity, and Qubit Scaling
(23:12) - Fighting Decoherence: The Art of Quantum Error Correction
(27:00) - Pulse-Level Tactics: Error Mitigation on the Frontlines
(30:02) - Computator's Secret Weapon: Outwitting Emergent Algorithmic Errors
(36:03) - Quantum Error Management: A Multi-Pronged, Collaborative Approach
(38:11) - Beyond Bits: The Pros and Cons of Probabilistic Computing
(41:08) - Why Quantum Matters: Cesar's Case for the Next Computing Revolution
(43:40) - Riding the Hype Cycle: Navigating Quantum Winters and Summers
(46:15) - The Quantum Computing Menagerie: Atoms, Ions, and Superconductors
(49:33) - Scaling the Quantum Heights: Engineering Challenges and Triumphs
(54:15) - Killer Apps: From Quantum Search and Factoring to Exotic Chemistry
(59:02) - Quantum Now: A Global Snapshot of the Current Computing Landscape
(1:03:40) - Quantum Leap: Visions of a World Transformed by Quantum Computers
(1:09:40) - Quantum Development, Reimagined: New Paradigms, Tools, and Workflows
(1:12:40) - Conclusion: Cesar's Call to Join the Quantum Revolution




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César Rodriguez
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