#5: Garrett McCurrach - Underground Hyperlogistics Delivery Drones

#5: Garrett McCurrach - Underground Hyperlogistics Delivery Drones

Episode 5: Garrett wants to deliver any good in under ten minutes, for under a quarter, using drones that burrow underground.


(00:00) - Intro
(00:50) - What Pipedream is Building
(02:17) - Garrett's Background and Learning to Build Businesses
(04:02) - How Pipedream Moves Things Efficiently in Cities
(07:07) - Why Pneumatic Tubes are Not the Solution
(10:08) - How Pipedream's System Works with Robots, Rails, and Totes
(13:20) - Designing the Track to Handle Curves and Turns
(17:27) - Pipedream's Initial Focus on Instant Pickup and Curbside Delivery
(20:12) - The Vision for Edge Warehouses and Hyperlogistics
(23:05) - The Key Challenges in Scaling Autonomous Logistics
(28:37) - Why Last Mile Delivery Speed is More About Deployment Than Robot Speed
(31:10) - The Hardest Problems Pipedream is Solving
(37:14) - How Pipedream Decided on Underground Delivery Infrastructure
(41:37) - Leveraging Existing Utility Installation and Regulation Practices
(44:49) - Believing in the Vision Despite Skepticism
(47:53) - The Huge Potential of Last Mile Logistics Innovation
(50:51) - Garrett's Journey to Find a Meaningful 10-Year Opportunity
(54:49) - Realizing Underground Infrastructure was More Feasible Than Expected
(57:22) - Taking the Unconventional Path Despite Discouragement
(01:00:00) - The Engineering Appeal and Potential Impact of Last Mile Logistics
(01:04:02) - Borrowing from Proven Utility Distribution Models like Water and Sewage
(01:07:07) - The Perfect Timing and Conditions for Logistics Disruption
(01:11:35) - Cities' Incentives to Support Underground Utility Infrastructure
(01:14:27) - Conclusion



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Christian Keil
Christian Keil
Host of First Principles | Chief of Staff @ Astranis
Garrett Scott 🕳
Garrett Scott 🕳
CEO at @pipedream_labs // Making underground logistics happen this decade