#13: Simon Pickup - Exploring Use Cases for Hydrogen Fuel | Teralta

#13: Simon Pickup - Exploring Use Cases for Hydrogen Fuel | Teralta

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Episode 13: The most abundant element in the universe also has the highest energy content of any common fuel by mass. Teralta helps industrial buyers get hydrogen when and where they need it.


(00:00) - Introduction
(01:08) - What Teralta Does: Making Hydrogen Simple for Industrial Customers
(03:10) - Why Simon Became Passionate About Hydrogen's Potential
(04:42) - What is Hydrogen and How is it Produced Today?
(06:50) - The Difference Between Clean and Dirty Hydrogen Production Methods
(09:38) - Hydrogen's Volumetric Density Challenge and Storage Methods
(11:57) - The Mental Model for When to Use Hydrogen vs Alternatives
(14:36) - Transportation Use Cases: Hydrogen Unlikely to Beat Batteries for Cars
(16:40) - Using Hydrogen for Synthetic Fuels to Enable Faster Decarbonization
(20:02) - Financing Hydrogen Projects: The Importance of Offtake Agreements
(23:37) - The Challenge of Lining Up All the Pieces for Hydrogen Project FID
(25:30) - Only 4% of Announced Hydrogen Projects Reach Final Investment Decision
(27:50) - Other Major Hydrogen Applications: Chemicals, Heating, Transportation
(29:27) - Common Misconceptions About Hydrogen: Hindenburg, Water, Free Energy
(32:50) - Example Project: Delivering Pure Hydrogen to a Pulp Mill via Pipeline
(35:08) - Technologies to Accelerate Hydrogen Adoption: Storage and Grid Capacity
(37:04) - Why Now is a Unique Moment for Hydrogen to Finally Take Off
(39:58) - The Hydrogen Rainbow: Moving Beyond Color Labels to Carbon Intensity
(42:11) - How Policy Support like the Inflation Reduction Act Changes the Game
(44:38) - Hydrogen Use in Ammonia Production and Its Importance for Agriculture
(46:24) - The Hydrogen Ladder: Ranking Applications by Substitution Potential
(48:35) - Teralta's Focus on Vertically Integrating to Speed Up Project Delivery
(51:08) - The Existence of an Actual Hydrogen Council of Industry Players
(53:12) - Conclusion: Supply and Demand Factors Finally Aligning for Hydroge




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